About your visa

The Russian Federation requires all foreign nationals to obtain a Russian Visa prior to entry, except for those covered under International Agreements.

A visa must be obtained prior to entering the Russian Federation.

The visa is attached directly to your foreign travel document and has the following information: Last name, First name (in both Russian and English lettering), date of birth, sex, citizenship, passport number, date of visa issuance along with permitted duration of stay in the Russian Federation, invitation number or a Telex number, visa period, purpose of travel, and the information of the inviting agency or the inviting person, and the visa multiplicity.

Dear Applicants!

When picking up a passport, please check the correctness of the information in the visa form, without leaving the Visa Application Centre.
The claims made later will not be accepted, the issued visa is not subject to correct!


Categories of visa

Depending on the purpose of travel to the Russian Federation, foreign citizens may be issued the following visa types:  Diplomatic, Official, Common, Transit, or Temporary Residence.

Number of entries

Single entry visa entitles the foreign citizen to cross the State border of the Russian Federation once when entering the Russian Federation and once at the exit from the Russian Federation.

Double-entry visa allows the foreign national to enter and exit the Russian Federation twice.

Multiple-entry visa allows a foreign national to the numerous (more than two times) entry into the Russian Federation.

Foreign citizens may stay in Russia on a multiple-entry visa for a maximum of 90 days (either on aggregate or continuously) in each 180-day period. Breaches of this rule will be penalized under existing Russian legislation, with the maximum penalty being refusal to allow entry into the Russian Federation.

Foreign citizens planning to stay in Russia for more than 3 months must obtain a work or study visa, depending on the purpose of their stay, or apply for permission for a temporary stay in the Russian Federation or permission for residency.



Effective 1 June 2013 Russia is considered as a fully participating member of the APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) scheme, that allows a greater number of businesspeople to travel faster and more easily within the Asia-Pacific region.

Under the decree (No. 777 of 05 June 2012) made by President Vladimir Putin ABTC holders with “RUS” inscribed on the back may now enjoy a visa-free entry into Russia.

Those who applied for a card before 1 June 2013 who seek pre-clearance into Russia must submit the request to their home APEC economy before it is forwarded to Russia. If approved, cardholders would require the issuance of a new card with “RUS” inscribed on the back.